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The national-pension index will increase in 2023



Kela confirmed the 2023’s national-pension index increase which will also move upwards the earnings-related unemployment allowance.

The last time the index was raised was exceptionally already in August 2022.

Kela’s index increase to national pensions will also lift the so-called basic component of the earnings-related unemployment allowance. Hence the rate of the earnings-related unemployment allowance will also increase across the range next year.

In practice, the basic component equals the basic unemployment allowance paid by Kela. The basic unemployment allowance next year will be EUR 37.21 per day, whereas it is now EUR 35.72 per day.

In addition to the basic component, the unemployment fund member is paid an earned income-related component. These together constitute the full amount of earnings-related unemployment allowance. Additionally, a child increment or an increased earnings component when attending employment-promoting services can be paid.

Starting from 2023, the child increment amount will also rise, based on the claimant’s number of dependent children under the age of 18. The increase will be

  • for one child EUR 7.01 per day (currently EUR 5.61/day)
  • for two children total of EUR 10,29 per day (currently EUR 8,23/day)
  • for three children or more EUR 13,26 per day (currently EUR 10,61/day).