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Legislative amendments entering into force this autumn



Amendments entering into force on Aug 1, 2024

Legislative amendments passed

  • Job alternation leave system will be abolished

Amendments entering into force on Sep 2, 2024

Legislative amendments passed

  • Employment condition will be linked to euros earned
  • Employment condition will be extended to 12 months

Legislative amendments under consideration

  • Amount of earnings-related daily allowance will be staggered
  • Pay subsidy work does not accrue entitlement to earnings-related allowance
  • Age-related exemption rules for unemployment security to be abolished


Euro-based employment condition and extension of employment condition


Euro-based employment condition means that entitlement to earnings-related allowance is based on specific earned income (gross), paid out during a calendar month. Only this kind of salary for insurance purposes accrues the employment condition. For instance, holiday compensation and holiday bonus are excluded.


Employment condition will accrue as follows:

You need a total of 12 paid calendar months of employment condition accrued during a 28-month reference period. If the accrued employment condition consists only of half months, you need a total of 24 paid calendar months.


The euro-based employment condition is applied starting on September 2, 2024. Calendar months that predate September 2, 2024 but are included in determining the employment condition are converted to employment condition months in accordance with the new stipulation. In practice, 1–2 employment condition weeks and the salary earned during that time is converted to one half of an employment condition month, while 3–4 employment condition weeks and the salary earned during that time is converted to one full employment condition month.


Employment condition is the required duration of employment while being a member of an unemployment fund before becoming entitled to earnings-related allowance for unemployment or layoff.


When the legislative amendment extending employment condition comes into effect, entitlement to earnings-related allowance requires salaried employment of 12 months while being a member of an unemployment fund. Employment condition months accrue in accordance with the euro-based employment condition.


With this legislative amendment, the fund’s membership condition likewise extends to 12 months.


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