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Meeting of the Unemployment Fund

The supreme authority in our organization is exercised by the Meeting of the Unemployment Fund. We will summon all our members to the meeting annually.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors include ten members and ten substitutes. The Board convenes about six times a year.


We have about 160 employees serving our members. Most of us work in Hakaniemi where we handle the management and administrative tasks in addition to the benefit payment process and customer service.

In addition, our personnel carry out benefit processing and customer service operations located across Finland, such as in Tampere and Kuopio.

For the moment we do not have face-to-face customer service.

Fund administration

Sami Aapro

Head of Unemployment Fund

Anne Liikanen

Director of Finance and Administration

Jaana Vahlberg

Personnel Manager

Kaisa Tikka

Benefit Manager

Elina Laine

Service Manager

Annika Skogberg

Member Services Manager

Jani Kivihaka

IT Manager

Pete Mäkelä

Head of Legal Affairs

Saron Wagner

Development Manager

Petteri Pitkänen

Technical project manager

Communication and marketing

Maija Wirman

Marketing Officer

Tarja Pitkänen

Communication Officer