What is A-kassa

Many jobs, many branches – one Unemployment Fund!

Fund administration

The supreme authority in our organization is exercised by the Meeting of the Unemployment Fund. We will summon all our members to the meeting annually.

The Board of Directors include eight members and eight substitutes. The Board convenes about six times a year.


We pay our members earnings-related allowance, job alternation compensation, mobility allowance andrestructuring protection allowance . On the statistisc page, you can find information about the benefits paid and applications received.

We collect the most important numbers from the previous month into the Monthly statistics summary.

In the larger monthly statistics reports, on the other hand, you will find more comprehensive information not only from the last month, but also comparative data from previous months. These reports are only available in Finnish.

Our partners

The Open Unemployment Fund works in partnership with several trade unions and most of our members belong to a trade union. Trade unions are on the side of the worker and bring security to working life.

Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa

The Unemployment Fund pays its members earnings-related allowance, job alternation compensation, mobility allowance and restructuring protection allowance.

Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa is a general unemployment fund that is open to all wage-earners. We started our operations on 1 of January 2022, when the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers, Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector and Unemployment Fund Finka merged. 

With its 228 020 members (31.12.2022), Open Unemployment Fund is one of the biggest unemployment funds in Finland. New and bigger resources enable best possible services to our members.

Our roots lie in the Finnish labour movement. We are a new but still an experienced unemployment fund, and even today openly support all workers’ cause. Any wage-earner can join the Open Unemployment Fund.

The main office of our unemployment fund is located in Helsinki, Finland.

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Become a member of A-kassa

Unemployment Fund membership is worthwhile – only as a member can you receive an earnings-related allowance. We are a multidisciplinary unemployment benefit expert. By joining a trade union in your own field in addition to the Fund register, you get a solid security in your working life.

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A-kassa newsletter

By ordering A-kassa’s newsletter, which is open to everyone, you will receive current information directly to your email.

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To the media

You can find A-kassa’s media releases in ePress.

Media contacts

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