Application processing status

We update the application processing status every weekday morning.

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Processing status of the earnings-related allowance and eService messages

Below you can see the processing status for the first applications and those follow-up applications with working days, salary or compensation as well as eService messages. We process applications and respond to messages in the order of arrival.

Processing status updated 26.5.2023

Type of application

Average processing time (days)

Arrival date of applications

Applications waiting for processing

First application


Follow-up application with working days, salary or compensation


eService messages

Average reply time

Arrival date of messages

Benefit matters


Membership matters


We update the application processing status every weekday morning.

The processing time indicates the average time in which the application is accepted for processing, counting from its arrival.

The Arrival date of the applications being processed tells you which day we will process the applications received as soon as possible.

Please note that not all applications can be processed at the same pace. Processing times may vary due to the investigation of different applications.

The number of applications waiting to be processed indicates the number of applications in the queue.

Please note that all applications can not be processed at the same pace. Processing times may differ due to the investigation work needed for different kind of applications. We process these applications as quickly as possible, but due to their nature they can take more time. However, the majority of applications proceed according to the processing status showed above.

Follow-up applications for four calendar weeks with only unemployed time and those that are a direct continuation of a previous application are paid out every four weeks. The payment schedule is staggered in accordance with the receipt of the application. If a salary payment day falls on the application it moves to the section “Follow-up application with working days, salary or compensation” in the table above, i.e. to the follow-up applications queue.

The daily allowances of follow-up applications will be paid within 1-2 days after the receipt day.

Possible exceptions may apply during weeks that include midweek holidays.

During bank holidays, it is good to be prepared for a different payment day than usual. 

eService is open every day around the clock, but we process applications on weekdays.

We process applications in order of arrival. You will receive the earnings-related allowance into your account a few days after processing at the earliest. If we need more information on the application, we will contact you. You can check the arrival date of your application in eService.

We process applications in order of arrival.

The processing of the application is speeded up when all the attachments necessary for the processing have been attached to the application. The attachments must be sent to the unemployment fund via eService.

In eService, it is recommended to turn on the delivery of decisions and payment notices as text messages in the settings, so that you are immediately informed of the progress of your situation.

Follow-up application receipt day

Payment day

MondayOn Tuesday or Wednesday of the same week
TuesdayOn Wednesday or Thursday of the same week
WednesdayOn Thursday or Friday of the same week
ThursdayOn Friday of the same week or on Monday of the following week
FridayOn Monday or Tuesday of the following week
SaturdayOn Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week
SundayOn Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week

If you have worked or received salary income during the application period, it is good to be prepared for a longer processing time than mentioned above.

Processing time of job alternation compensation

After the first payment, job alternation compensation is paid out retroactively in periods of four calendar weeks. The payment day is Wednesday.

If your job alternation leave starts in the middle of a payment period and you have sent all necessary information in time, the first job alternation compensation will be paid out on the payment date of that period at the earliest.

Period (2023)

Payment date (2023)

12.12.2022 – 8.1.202311.1.
9.1. –
6.2. –
6.3. –
3.4. –
1.5. –
29.5. –
26.6. –
24.7. –
21.8. –
18.9. –
16.10. –
13.11. –

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