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Tips on how to take care of your matters smoothly


The aim of A-kassa is to process the applications of all members as efficiently as possible and to pay benefits quickly. The processing of applications happens faster when all the information has been submitted to us at the same time.

Applications, attachments, and messages sent via eService are received immediately by A-kassa, without you having to worry about the duration of mail delivery or queue up at the telephone service. You can contact us when it suits you best.

Please fill in the application carefully and attach all the necessary attachments to it. The electronic application has info buttons (with the letter “i” in the circle), which provide you with the necessary additional information when you fill in the application. We will contact you if we need more information. If you are asked for additional information, please submit them all at once.

The attachments you have sent to A-kassa are displayed on the Attachments tab of the eService. By clicking on the arrow next to each attachment, you can also check what the attachment you have sent looks like.

Keep track of the processing time of applications on the front page of our website.
We process applications in the order in which they arrive.

You can contact us via the Messages section on the eService.

The list of frequently asked questions may help you find the answer to your question.


If you have any questions or if you would like to provide further clarification to the information on your application, please use the eService (a-kassa.fi -> eService). Using eService is easy, safe, and fast. Logging in only requires your own personal online banking credentials or a mobile certificate from your telephone operator. The eService can be used with a mobile phone, tablet or, for example, on a library’s shared computer.