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if I am...

Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s Government was published on 16 June 2023 and, as...
In August, the Open Unemployment Fund paid our 5.6 million euros more in earnings-related unemplo...
The types and forms of work have become more diverse. More people are doing jobs with varying wor...
If your earnings exceed the income limit towards the end of the year, the unemployment fund benef...
Starting from 1.9. A-kassa’s telephone service is open as follows: Mon. 8.30-15.00 Tue. 8.30-15.0...
By ordering the electronic decision from the eService you can have it immediately at your disposa...
The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has approved and confirmed the merger of the Finnish ...
Unemployment security refers to financial support that you receive during unemployment or tempora...
There are many things to keep in mind and remember to do during the application process when appl...
Use the Allowance calculator to see how much earnings-related allowance you would receive?
Go to the Allowance calculator
Trade unions are on the side of the worker and bring security to working life, we in the A-kassa in case of unemployment.
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Government Programme reforms to unemployment security

Follow the progress of the changes planned by the government.

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A-kassa is a general unemployment fund that is open to all wage-earners.

Trade unions provide security for working life, we at A-kassa in case of unemployment.

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