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Manage your matters when it suits you!


A-kassa's eService is open 24/7

We recommend eService as the primary transaction channel because it is data secure. Electronically sent application and attachments are immediately at our disposal in order to process your benefit case. In addition, you can send us messages via a secure connection. You can log in to eService with your personal bank credentials, mobile certificate, or certificate card.


You can manage the following matters concerning benefits:

  • Apply for earnings-related allowance
  • Send attachments with or without the application
    (The permitted file formats for the attachment are
    jpg, pdf and tiff.)
  • Send us messages
  • View payment notifications
  • Check for which period you have applied for earnings-related allowance
  • Under the Status tab you can monitor the number of days you have received earnings-related allowance and the increased component
  • Discuss in eService’s chat

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