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Open Unemployment Fund's membership fee remains unchanged



The Open Unemployment Fund’s (A-kassa) membership fee will stay at 8 euros per month in 2023. This means that there will be no changes to the amount of the fee.

The Financial Supervisory Authority approved the proposal of the Open Unemployment Fund’s board of directors that the membership fee will be 8 euros a month (96 euros a year) also next year.

The A-kassa is a multidisciplinary unemployment fund that can be joined by any wage earner. Indeed, many trade unions insure their members against unemployment through the A-kassa, in which case the collection and settlement of membership fees are handled through the union.

There are currently seven trade unions cooperating with the A-kassa: The Industrial Union, Finnish Construction Trade Union, Union of Journalists in Finland, Finnish Actors Union, Musicians’ Union, Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland, and Ay-toimihenkilöt.

At the beginning of 2023, the Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund will merge into the A-kassa, when also the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT, Post and Logistics Union PAU and Finnish Seafarers’ Union FSU – SMU start cooperation by insuring their members through the A-kassa.

Further information:
Fund Director Irene Niskanen, tel. 040 860 1637