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Paid absences and midweek holidays when completing an earnings-related unemployment allowance application


Earnings-related unemployment allowance can be paid for midweek holidays (arkipyhä) during a temporary lay-off on the same grounds as other days of lay-off, provided that you have not received full pay for the midweek holiday.

Different sectors have different practices for compensating employees for midweek holidays:

  1. separate midweek holiday compensation
  2. no separate compensation, but a midweek holiday during a workweek does not reduce the amount of salary paid
  3. midweek holidays reduce the amount of salary paid


Earnings-related unemployment allowance cannot be paid for a midweek holiday if your employer pays a full midweek holiday compensation or the holiday does not reduce your amount of salary. If your employer pays a midweek holiday compensation for part-time work, the compensation is taken into account as adjusted earned income.

If your employer pays you a midweek holiday compensation or the holiday does not reduce your salary, write down “paid midweek holiday” in the application for these days.

In case of paid absences, please also enter the hours your salary will be paid for when you complete the application. For example, if you are on sick leave and getting paid during the leave, write down “sick” on those days when you complete the application. Please also enter the working hours your sick leave pay will be paid for.

This information is essential and importation for the Fund, so that we are able to see if your working hours are within limits set for the daily allowance. The hours will also be counted towards meeting the employment condition. Paid absences include sick leaves, annual leaves, midweek holidays, worktime shortenings, flextime holidays, and compensatory time-offs.