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New features in eService: complete your income and employment information



The Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa’s eService will be updated to facilitate the completion of income and employment data in the daily allowance application.

At Open Unemployment Fund, we use information from the electronic Income Register to process our members’ benefit claims. Employers, among others, report their employees’ income data to the national Income Register. A-kassa uses the income data to calculate the amount of earnings-related daily allowance.

View your income and employment data in eService

As a member of A-kassa, you will be able to see your own income data in eService. eService also allows you to view more information about your employment relationship. In addition to checking your data, you will also have the opportunity to complete certain parts of your income and employment data.

In addition, you can now also save your online application as incomplete and continue filling it in later. If you have been logged out of eService because you have not used it for a while, the application will be saved automatically. You can continue filling in the pending application when you log back in. If you have not completed or withdrawn your application within 30 days, we will send you a reminder as a request for further information.

When using eAccessibility, you will find practical instructions behind the info buttons marked with circled i’s. In case of problems, please contact our customer service.