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A-Kassa Open Unemployment Fund gained 30,000 new members



A-Kassa’s strong growth continues – it is currently Finland’s third-largest unemployment fund. A-Kassa’s member count rose to 228,020 when the Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund merged with A-Kassa at the start of 2023. Of this total, 219,275 members belong to one of the unions behind A-Kassa in addition to the unemployment fund.

A-Kassa is an unemployment fund open to all wage and salary earners. A multi-sector approach and extensive expertise are among A-Kassa’s strengths. The merger with the Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund has further expanded A-Kassa’s wide-ranging expertise.

A larger, more diverse unemployment fund also makes the fund better prepared to face seasonal fluctuations in employment rates. As a major player, we can offer comprehensive services to meet our members’ needs.

A-Kassa currently cooperates with ten trade unions: the Industrial Union, the Finnish Construction Trade Union, the Union of Journalists in Finland, the Finnish Actors’ Union, the Finnish Musicians’ Union, the Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland, and Ay-toimihenkilöt. The Transport Workers’ Unemployment Fund merged with A-Kassa at the start of 2023, when the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT), the Finnish Post and Logistics Union (PAU), and the Finnish Seafarers’ Union (FSU) began insuring their members with A-Kassa.

A-Kassa’s membership fee is just 8 euros a month, and it is included in several trade unions’ membership fees.

2023 heralded changes to unemployment cover – new transition security allowance and student relief

In 2023, a new benefit was introduced for employment funds to cover – transition security allowances for people over the age of 55. Transition security includes a transition security allowance corresponding to one month’s salary and the possibility of transition security training provided by TE Offices or centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. In addition, the age limit for additional days of unemployment allowance was increased for people born in 1963 and 1964. There will be no additional days for people born in or after 1965. The transition security allowance does not affect the unemployment allowance or any other benefits except social assistance. You can apply for a transition change allowance from the unemployment fund.

The amounts of the basic unemployment allowance and child increase will rise

The earnings-related unemployment allowance is tied to the basic unemployment allowance, which increased to EUR 37.21 per day in 2023 (from EUR 35.72 per day at the end of 2022). Consequently, the earnings-related unemployment allowance also increased at the start of the year. The increase also applies to all daily allowances currently being paid.

Relief for students on unemployment benefits

Earnings-related unemployment allowances are not available for full-time students, but jobseekers who study part-time may be entitled to unemployment benefits. In the future, jobseekers will be able to study more without losing their unemployment benefits. The benefit may allow for education such as various short courses and training events, qualification training, and studies at adult education centres.