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Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa is already serving close to 200 000 members



The Open Unemployment Fund member count and the first statistical summary have been published.

The Open Unemployment Fund currently has 190,911 members (31 December 2021). Most of our members also belong to our unions in the background:

The comparison figures for 2021 are the combined figures of the Unemployment Fund Finka, the Unemployment Fund of the Construction Sector, and the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers.

In January, the A-kassa unemployment fund paid an earnings-related allowance to 20,280 members. The number of recipients of the earnings-related allowance decreased by 41.3 percent compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. 23.4 percent (4,739 members) of the daily allowance recipients were temporarily laid off. The A-kassa received a total of 30,421 earnings-related allowance applications during January.

The benefit claims processing time is decreasing

During January, the average processing time for first applications was 17.8 days and for adjusted applications 12.4 days. The processing times were longer than average, as compared to the processing times of the founding unemployment funds last year.

The processing time delays have primarily been caused by the one-week system disruption at the turn of the year, during which we were unable to process any benefit claims.

However, the processing times were already significantly shorter by the beginning of February. On the 3rd of February, we were processing applications that arrived on the 24th of January. You can check our website for the current processing situation which is updated daily.

See the processing situation here

You can check the January statistical summary here