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We will consult you before making a recovery decision, so you can give your own explanation about the matter.


Recovery of earnings-related allowance and other benefits

If we have paid you an earnings-related daily allowance or other benefits without justification or excessively, we will recover it. If you have been paid more benefit than you are entitled to, we will consult you before making a recovery decision, in which case you can provide your own explanation in the matter.


We may waive recovery in whole or in part if it is considered reasonable, and the overpayment of the benefit was not the result of fraud. We can also waive debt collection if the overpayment is negligible.


We will consider waiving on the basis of reasonableness based on your and your family´s overall situation. We will carry out an assessment based on a report on your economic and social conditions.


Obligation to notify

Report changes in eService

Notification of changes

Remember to inform us as soon as possible of any changes in your situation that affect your entitlement to and the payment of daily allowance. You should also keep your information up-to-date for the processing of your application.


You can report changes through eServices or by post. You can also report some of the information by phone to our service number.



The most common reason for abuse is working, which was not reported when applying for benefits.

Some of the recovery decisions are the result of fraudulent conduct on the part of members. The most common reason for misconduct is employment that is not reported when applying for a benefit.


When we discover potential misconduct, we will invite the member to a hearing on the matter. If the suspicion of misconduct proves to be justified, we will issue either a reprimand or a warning. In the most serious cases of misconduct, we can also expel a member from the fund.

Misconduct usually results in us recovering the overpaid benefit.


In addition, we will ask the police to investigate the misconduct if the member has failed to report his or her employment when applying for the benefit. We will also consider asking for an investigation whenever a member fails to disclose a social benefit, salary for the period of payment of the benefit, salary for the period of notice, holiday pay or holiday compensation.