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If you are dissatisfied with the decision

  • submit the complaint to A-kassa, which will rectify if there is mistake
  • A-kassa submits the complaint to SAMU if the decision cannot be rectified
  • SAMU's decision is appealed to the Insurance Court → this appeal is also addressed to A-kassa

How can you make an appeal

If you are dissatisfied with our decision, you can appeal to the Social Security Appeals Board (SAMU). However, please submit your complaint to us.

If we are unable to rectify the decision in accordance with your requirements, we will forward the complaint to SAMU. If you are also dissatisfied with SAMU's decision, you can appeal to the Insurance Court. Please also submit any complaint addressed to the Insurance Court to us. You cannot appeal any decision made by the Insurance Court.

The complaint must be received by us within 30 days of being notified of the decision. You will be deemed to have received the decision seven days after we have posted it.

Submit a complaint in writing and tell us which decision you are complaining about, where you are appealing the decision, what changes you are seeking and the grounds of the appeal. Attach a decision or a copy thereof to your complaint.

Be sure to sign the complaint. If you use a legal representative or agent, the latter will sign the appeal. If the agent is not a lawyer or general legal counsel, attach a power of attorney that you have signed.

How the complaint is delivered
You can submit a complaint to the Open Unemployment Fund in person or through your agent, post, or courier.

The complaint can be submitted electronically via a secure connection from the website of the Open Unemployment Fund, either via eService or via the Contact us function.

If you send your complaint by mail, it must be sent in time so that the complaint or notification of the mail's arrival arrives before the deadline for the complaint expires.