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Child increment will be removed in April

Earnings-related allowance, Law reform, News


The Government’s legislative change to remove the child increment completely will take effect on 1 April 2024. This means that the unemployment benefits paid after the beginning of April will not include any child increments. The removal of the child increment will reduce the amount of the daily unemployment allowance by EUR 125–240 per month.


An extra increase was applied to the child increment for unemployment security in 2023, and this was removed on 1 January 2024. Due to the removal of the extra increase, the amount of the child increment will be reduced by 25–48 euros a month, depending on the number of children.


The Government has also decided to freeze the index increase of the unemployment security for the years 2024–2027. As a result, the child increment did not receive the usual index increase at the beginning of the year.


Impact per month:

Child increment according to the number of children in 2024 The increase is removed, impact per month
One child: EUR 5.84 per day EUR –125.56 per month
Two children: EUR 8.57 per day EUR –184.25 per month
Three children: EUR 11.05 per day EUR –237.57 per month