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Compensation for job alternation

Detailed instructions

Are you going to take a job alternaton leave? Apply for Compensation

More detailed information on job alternation leave can be found on the website of the TE Office

The job alternation leave system will be abolished on August 1, 2024

The Parliament has approved the amendment to the law, which abolishes the alternation leave system. The law enters into force on August 1. You can start alternation leave until the last day of July, after that it is no longer possible.


The employer and the employee agree on the leave by means of a written job alternation agreement. However, the employee does not have a subjective right to job alternation leave, as the job alternation leave has a voluntary basis. If you are working full-time, you can agree with your employer to take job alternation leave for a fixed period.

You can take job alternation leave if

  • you have agreed on a job alternation leave with your employer
  • you have been in full-time employment with your employer for at least 13 months before starting the job alternation leave
  • this 13-month period includes up to 30 days of unpaid absences
  • you have a work history of at least 20 years
  • It is at least 5 years since your previous job alternation leave ended.

After concluding a job alternation agreement, your employer undertakes to hire a jobseeker who is registered as unemployed at the TE Office for at least the same period. The employer does not need to hire an unemployed person for the same tasks performed by the person taking the leave. The working time of the employee or employees hired for the duration of the job alternation leave must be at least equal to the working time of the employee who has taken the leave.


Detailed instructions