Mobility allowance

The purpose of the mobility allowance is to encourage accepting employment further away from home. Mobility allowance covers expenses from commuting and moving if you accept a job or a place in training that is a prerequisite for a job, and your commute is long.

Am I entitled to mobility allowance?

You may be entitled to mobility allowance if you are unemployed and accept a full-time job with a round-trip commute of more than three hours or a part-time job with a round-trip commute of more than two hours. Mobility allowance can also be paid if you start in training that is a prerequisite for an employment relationship. It is required that the employment relationship must last at least two months in order to receive mobility allowance. Read more about the conditions here.

How much is the mobility allowance?

Mobility allowance equals the basic unemployment allowance, 37,21 euros a day. The allowance is taxable income.

You may be granted a child increase for the mobility allowance. The increase amount  for one child under the age of 18 who is in your care is EUR 7,01, EUR 10,29 for two children and EUR 13,26 for three or more children per day.

If your commute or trip to the training venue is more than 200 kilometres one way, an increased mobility allowance can be paid. The increased component is EUR 5.08 per day between 1.8.–31.12.2022.