Why do we process your information?

The unemployment funds are communities that, while handling statutory tasks, carry out a public task as well. The benefits implemented by the unemployment funds are statutory social security benefits. The grounds for granting benefits are regulated by law. The grounds for granting a membership are regulated in the unemployment fund’s own rules and in the Unemployment Funds Act.

We process the personal data of our members when it is related to the membership of the unemployment fund and to pay benefits. When you apply for a benefit, such as the earnings-related allowance, alternation compensation or mobility allowance, we need information from you. Without the required information we cannot accept you as a member or carry out a benefit regulated by law (the legal basis is to adhere to the statutory obligation).

To resolve a possible claim for recovery we may need further information, for instance on loan arrangement or enforcement request and the necessary information of a possible legal claim. According to law, the earnings-related allowance or other benefit paid by the unemployment fund must be reclaimed, if it has been paid unduly or in excessive amount.

We are committed to protect your privacy and personal data. We do not collect any such information, which is not necessary when carrying out our statutory tasks. For more information concerning the benefits we pay, click here.