Terms and conditions for A-kassa social media prize draws

  1. The organiser of the prize draw
    Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa
    P.O. Box 116
    00531 Helsinki, FINLAND
  2. Participation period
    The participation period is announced in connection with each prize draw.
  3. Participation in the prize draw
    The prize draw must be entered in accordance with the instructions provided with the prize draw publication.
  4. Completing the prize draw and announcing the winner
    The winner is drawn on Facebook from among those who have commented on a prize draw publication. In Instagram prize draws, the winner may be selected either from among those who have liked the publication, commented on it, or who follow the profile. The method of prize draw is indicated in the prize draw publication. The closing of the participation period is always indicated in the prize draw publication. The prize draw will take place within two days after the end of the participation period and the winner will be notified in person by private message. All communication related to the participants and the winner will be destroyed within one month, once the winner has been reached and the prize has been delivered to them. The prize winners are randomly selected unless otherwise stated in the prize draw publication.
  5. The prize
    The prize is specified in the prize draw publication.

The prize is mailed to the winner and cannot be exchanged for cash. If the winner cannot be reached within seven days, a new winner will be drawn. Facebook and Instagram are not involved in organising the prize draws and only provide a platform for organising the draw.

  1. Prize draw organiser’s liabilities
    A-Kassa’s liability is limited to the prize subject to the draw. Any lottery tax arising from the prize draw is paid by the prize draw organiser.
  2. Changes to the rules
    A-kassa reserves the right to make changes without notice to the prize draw, its rules, prizes, participation period or any other factors affecting the conducting of the prize draw. Any changes to the terms and condition will be announced in connection with the prize draw publication.
  3. Publicity of the prize draw
    By entering the prize draw, the participants grant the prize organiser the right to publish their name on the social media channel in question if they win without their express consent or compensation. The winner’s name may be shared publicly on A-kassa’s social media channels.
  4. Privacy policy
    You can learn more about the privacy policy and data files of A-kassa on this page.