Do we release personal information?

Information is provided to public officials, other wage earners’ unemployment funds, unemployment fund for the entrepreneurs, the Unemployment Insurance Fund and insurance and pension institutions when it is required by law.

The Open Unemployment Fund enables the process to join the unemployment fund through some trade unions. These unions are the Industrial Union, the Finnish Construction Trade Union, the Union of Journalists in Finland, The Finnish Musicians’ Union, the Finnish Actors Union, Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland (Teme) and Ay-toimihenkilöt. In the cases, where the joining process has been started by the aforementioned unions, the unemployment fund has outsourced the collecting of membership fee to the union in question. A data protection contract has been made of the processes in order to ensure the rights and liberties of the member. Open Unemployment Fund submits the information of your unemployment (but no detailed accounts concerning unemployment) to the Industrial Union, the Finnish Construction Trade Union and the Union of Journalists in Finland in order to investigate the right to exemptions from membership fees, if you have given your consent to do so. For more information about the data protection policies of the unions, please visit their website. If the matter concerns only the payment of benefits by the unemployment fund, please submit the information only to the unemployment fund.

Your data is processed in a software system managed by Futunio Oy. We have made a data processing contract with Futunio in order to ensure safe and proper use of data.

No information is given outside the EU.