Cookies we use

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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer when you browse through websites.

More information about cookies on Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s website.

2. Why are cookies used?

Cookies will identify your computer when you move to a website. They will remember the options you have made earlier on the website and will enhance your user experience. With cookies it is possible, for instance, to identify the user’s devices and allocate possible advertisement on web pages and on other services.

3. What cookies are used?

Some cookies are essential for our website to function and to be used properly. These cookies will not collect any information of the user that could be used in advertising or to remember websites the user has browsed.

The cookies measuring our website’s capacity collect data how the users use our website (e.g. most visited pages, possible error codes). These cookies do not collect any recognizable data of the users as they are anonymous, and are only used to enhance the functionality of the website.

Associated services of the third parties (such as advertisement, YouTube videos, Google statistics and Facebook plugins) on our website may store data to identify the user. Unfortunately we cannot affect to that. If you want to prevent them tracking your browsing, you can disable the so-called third-party cookies from your web browser’s privacy settings. You can find the instructions from your browser’s instruction site.

Our website may contain buttons that help sharing the content to other network communication environments and social media. If you use these buttons, the selected service may set a cookie to your device. We cannot control these cookies. You can find more information of the third-party cookies from the website of the third party.

4. Controlling and blocking cookies

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your web browser’s settings so that your browser will always notify you when cookies are being set to your computer. Alternatively, you can block the use of cookies completely. It is possible to restrict the use of cookies or to block it from your web browser (for more detailed instructions see your browser’s instructions).

If you block storing of cookies or disable them, our web pages may not function properly.