About the unemployment fund

The Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers was originally established in 1949 as the Metalworkers’ Unemployment Fund. The current name, the Unemployment Fund of Finnish Industrial Workers, was introduced on 1 January 2018 when the Unemployment Fund for Industry Workers and the Unemployment Fund of the Wood Workers merged with the Metalworkers’ Unemployment Fund. The responsible officer of the fund is Head of Unemployment Fund Irene Niskanen.

In addition to our central office located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki, we operate at 11 regional offices of the Industrial Union across Finland (link to contact details if details of regional offices will be on the website).

We are one of the largest unemployment funds in Finland; our membership includes about 155,000 wage earners in various industrial sectors.

Our statutory task is to pay our members benefits that fall within the scope of the fund’s field of operation in accordance with the legislation currently in force. We serve our members in a member-oriented way and offer our members versatile service functions. We develop our operations and services continuously, and feedback from our members is taken into account in the development work. Learn more about our services here (link to the “customer service” section with more information about forms of service).

The “About the fund” section will include links to the rules, strategy and privacy policies.