How do I apply for mobility allowance?

Apply for mobility allowance by submitting a mobility allowance application within three months of the period the application is for. The completed form can be submitted via eService or by mail. Please include the necessary appendices.

Details of employment

Fill in the details of the employment that you are starting on the application form. The employer and employment relationship details will be used to review your entitlement to mobility allowance, so please fill them in carefully. Enter the start date and possible end date of the employment on the form. Working hours are a decisive factor in determining your entitlement to the allowance. Indicate the working hours you have agreed upon on the form. Append the employment contract to the application. You can also submit the employment contract later when it is available to you. If no written employment contract has been prepared, you can also submit another account on the details of employment.


You will be asked to provide an account on the duration of commute. Fill in the information on the duration of commute on average along general travel lanes under normal weather and other conditions. If you do not have your own car, find out the duration of the trip using public transport with possible change times. Indicate only the time spent on the commute; taking children to day care, for example, is not part of the commute.

Social benefits

Declare also any other social benefits you claim on the form. Sickness allowance, disability pension and parental allowance, for example, prevent the payment of mobility allowance for the same period.

Submitting the application form

Fill in, print and sign the application form (available only in Finnish) and submit it to the unemployment fund either as an attachment via electronic services (select mobility allowance application as the document type) or by mail.

Open application form (PDF)

Notification of changes

You can also use the same form to later declare any changes in the employment relationship. Notifiable changes may include, for example,

  • change in the end date of the employment;
  • temporary lay-off; or
  • other suspension of work.

Extension of the employment relationship or it changing into one of an indefinite duration will not extend the duration of the payment period.

Payment of mobility allowance

Mobility allowance is paid out for a period of 30, 45 or 60 days, for up to five calendar days a week. In part-time employment, mobility allowance is paid for working days. The allowance does not have a personal liability period but is paid from the start of the employment relationship on which it is based.

Mobility allowance is income subject to withholding tax. The withholding rate of a tax card provided for wages is increased to at least 25%. The withholding rate of a tax card provided for benefit will not be increased.

Mobility allowance is paid out retroactively in periods of four weeks on Wednesdays. However, the first payment may be for a period of two weeks. The following payments are paid out at least every month. Mobility allowance is paid out for the duration of the entire allowance period based on one application.

A decision on the payment of mobility allowance is issued in connection with the first payment.