For how long can you claim job alternation compensation?

Job alternation leave may last for 100–180 calendar days. Job alternation leave cannot be divided into shorter periods. If you have already agreed upon job alternation leave with your employer, you may still, if desired, change the beginning date of the leave or, during the leave, extend or shorten its duration. An extension of job alternation leave must be agreed upon two months before the end of the leave.

How much is my job alternation compensation?

The amount of job alternation compensation is 70% of the amount of the earnings-related allowance.

The earnings-related allowance on which the job alternation compensation is based is calculated from the wages subject to withholding tax of at least 52 calendar weeks preceding the job alternation leave.

Child increases or increased components of the earnings-related allowance are not included in job alternation compensation. Job alternation compensation is paid out without a waiting period.