How do I apply for job alternation compensation?

Apply for job alternation compensation with a job alternation compensation application. Append to the application a pay certificate for the 52 weeks immediately preceding the job alternation leave and a copy of the job alternation agreement. You can submit the job alternation compensation application already before the leave begins.

Submit the original job alternation agreement to the Employment and Economic Development Office well before your leave begins. The TE Office will issue a statement required for the payment of job alternation compensation to the unemployment fund.

Payment of job alternation compensation

As a rule, we pay out job alternation compensation every four weeks so that the payment day is Wednesday. Job alternation compensation is paid for five days a week. Job alternation compensation is taxable income. The unemployment fund generally receives the original tax information of its members from the tax authorities.

The payment schedule of job alternation compensation is available here.

Notify the unemployment fund immediately about any circumstances affecting the payment of job alternation compensation. For example, starting work for your own or another employer, being granted a pension or sickness allowance, or termination of job alternation leave for any other reason prior to the date agreed upon in the job alternation agreement must be declared to the unemployment fund.