Are you about to become temporarily laid off?

If you are temporarily laid off, read first the short instructions below to get you started! You will more detailed information after the short instructions.

1. Register with the TE Office no later than the first day of temporary lay-off

You can register with the TE Office (Employment and Economic Development Office) in advance, and the job search is valid from the date of registration. You can launch the job search in the E-Services of TE Office with your own online banking credentials.

The job search must be kept valid in the manner agreed upon with the TE Office. If your temporary lay-off has been executed in several periods or you receive a new notice of temporary lay-off, remember to register yourself as an unemployed jobseeker for each lay-off period separately.

2. Fill in the earnings-related allowance application

The application must be filled in for two full calendar weeks from Monday to Sunday. If your lay-off begins at the middle of the week, fill in the remainder of the week and the next full week.

Follow-up applications are to be filled in for four full calendar weeks or for a calendar month. If you work part-time during temporary lay-off and receive salary on monthly basis, fill in the application every calendar month.

The application can be filled in the eService. You can submit the necessary attachments via eService as well.

You can fill in the application also in paper. You will find the printable application form here.

Remember to fill in the application carefully and enclose the necessary attachments. Our benefit assessor that is processing your case will contact you, if needed.

3. Make sure that you have all the necessary attachments to the application

At the start of a temporary lay-off, submit at least a notice of lay-off.

You do not need to attach a salary certificate to your application, because the unemployment fund will receive the salary information from the Incomes Register. If the information from the Incomes Register is insufficient, we will request more information from you directly, such as the salary certificate or a pay slip.

Attachments sent from the eService are received by the unemployment fund immediately. Check more detailed information of the necessary attachments below.

4. Submit the application after the end of the application period

You can send the application with attachments via eService after the period that you are applying for has ended. If you fill in the application, for example, for four calendar weeks, you can send the application on Sunday at the soonest.


If you apply for the allowance for four calendar weeks from Monday 5 of April to Sunday 2 of May, you can send the application on Sunday 2 of May at the earliest.

You can also send the application with attachments by mail to Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa, P.O. Box 116, FI-00531 Helsinki.

Remember that the application must be submitted to the unemployment fund within three months after the start of your lay-off. The three months period applies to follow-up applications, child increase and expense allowance as well.

5. Provide any additional clarifications and missing attachments requested

Remember to notify us of any changes affecting your entitlement to daily allowance and changes to your personal and contact details. More information on notification of changes is available here.

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Attachments to the application
Midweek holidays
Membership fees
Changes that affect the daily allowance
Notification of changes
Decision and payment of daily allowance

Attachments to the application

Attach the information required for processing to your application. If your circumstances change in a way that affects your entitlement to the daily allowance, please notify us without delay.

Attachments, such as pay certificates, tax cards and medical certificates do not need to be original, a copy will suffice. You can send the attachments easily via eService

Enclose with your first application

Notice of temporary lay-off

Attach the notice of temporary lay-off to your application at the start of a temporary lay-off.

If needed

Pay certificate

You do not need to attach a salary certificate to your application, because the unemployment fund will receive the salary information from the Incomes Register.

If the information from the Incomes Register is insufficient, we will request more information from you directly, such as the salary certificate or a pay slip.

Social benefits

If you claim social benefits that affect the amount of daily allowance, attach the decision on being granted the benefit to your application. Remember to also report any changes in the amount of benefit.

Tax card

We are able to obtain the information of a tax card for employment directly from the tax authorities.

However, we recommend requesting a revised tax card for the payment of benefit, in which case the withholding is carried out according to its details. With a tax card for employment, the withholding rate is always at least 25%.

You can order a revised tax card for benefits from the Tax Administration’s electronic MyTax service. By using the MyTax service, you can send the revised tax card directly to the unemployment fund, when you choose the Open Unemployment Fund A-kassa (or Avoin työttömyyskassa A-kassa in Finnish) to be the receiver.

Entrepreneurial activities

If you are an entrepreneur, attach a personal tax decision from the last confirmed period of taxation to the application. The specification of the tax decision is also required if you are a shareholder in limited company or cooperative or a partner in a partnership or limited partnership.

The beneficiary in an estate must also submit the latest confirmed tax decision of the estate in addition to the personal tax decision.

Child increase

We obtain information on children under 18 years of age from the Population Register System. However, enter the birth dates of children in your care in the daily allowance application for the payment of child increase.

Also report the birth dates of your partner’s children living in the same household.

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Midweek holidays

Unemployment benefit can be paid during midweek holidays on compliance with certain conditions, when you are temporarily laid off. If the day is a midweek holiday in the collective agreement, fill in midweek holiday to the application (in eService). In other cases, choose temporarily laid-off.

Whether you receive daily allowance during temporary lay-off period depends on the applied collective agreement. The collective agreement also determines whether the employer is obligated to pay salary during midweek holidays. You can, for example, check the terms on your collective agreement from your trade union.

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Membership fees

The membership fee must be in order up to the start of temporary lay-off before we can pay for earnings-related allowance.

Read more about the membership fees here.

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Changes that affect the daily allowance

Child home care allowance

Submit the decision on child home care allowance when you start claiming child home care allowance. If your partner claims child home care allowance, enter more detailed information on the possible employment and studies of your partner as well as who takes care of the child on the application.

Also report any changes to child home care allowance or the termination of the allowance. Decisions of home care allowance do not need to be sent to us.

Partial disability pension

Inform us about being granted a partial disability pension by submitting the decision either via eService or by mail. A new decision on the amount of pension (due to index review) does not need to be submitted to us every year. We will receive the information directly from the Incomes Register.

If you receive partial early old-age pension, decision of granting the pension does not need to be sent to us. Partial early old-age pension does not affect the payment of earnings-related allowance.

End of temporary lay-off

Report the termination of applying for daily allowance on your application.

The TE Office must be notified of the acceptance of a full-time job lasting more than two weeks. Indicate the start of employment also in your last daily allowance application.

The start of an old-age pension or another benefit that prevents the claiming of daily allowance must be reported to the fund at the latest in connection with the last daily allowance application.


Sickness allowance is applied for from Kela for a period of illness lasting more than ten days. Report your illness in the application. Also report, if you have applied for the sickness allowance from Kela.

The waiting period of sickness allowance is the day on which you fall ill and the following nine days (including Saturdays). In the event of an accident or if the same illness occurs within 30 days, the waiting period is one day. We can pay out the earnings-related allowance for the waiting period of sickness allowance if you have claimed unemployment benefits immediately before your illness.

End of employment

If your employment relationship is terminated or it changes to, for example, part-time in nature, this must be reported in the application.

If your temporary lay-off ends in dismissal, attach a copy of the notice of termination. If the information from the Incomes Register is insufficient, we will request more information from you directly, such as the salary certificate or a pay slip.

Also notify the TE Office of the termination of employment.

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Notification of changes

Please notify us without delay of changes in your circumstances that affect your entitlement to daily allowance and the payment of allowance. Also keep your information up-to-date for the processing of your application. Changes can be reported via eService or by mail. Some details can also be reported by phone to our service number.

Changes in membership information

Bank account number

You can change your new bank account number in eService. You can also enter the new account number in your application or submit it in writing by mail. Changes in bank account numbers cannot be reported by phone.

Child information

Report to us the birth dates of all children under 18 years of age in your care for who you are applying for child increases. Child increases are paid out retroactively for a period of up to three months.

You are entitled to child increase for a child (of your partner or spouse) under 18 years of age living in the same household from the moving date. Separation must be reported without delay. For your own child in your care, you are entitled to child increase until the child reaches the age of 18.

Contact details

You can report a change of address or phone number to the fund via eService, by entering the information under additional information on the follow-up application or by phone by calling the service number.

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Decision and payment of daily allowance

You will receive a written decision once your first application has been processed. The decision usually indicates the start of entitlement to daily allowance, the amount of daily allowance and the waiting period. You will also receive a payment notice detailing the amount and date of payment. You can choose the delivery method of the payment notice in eService; you can receive the notice, for example, by text message.

You can check the processing status of earnings-related allowance applications and the payment schedule here.

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