If you are dissatisfied with a decision made by the unemployment fund, you can appeal the decision with the Social Security Appeal Board. Submit your appeal to the unemployment fund.

If we cannot amend the decision in accordance with your claims, we will submit the appeal to the Appeal Board. If you are also dissatisfied with the decision of the Appeal Board, you can appeal by way of the Insurance Court. An appeal addressed to the Insurance Court is also submitted to the unemployment fund. The decision of the Insurance Court cannot be appealed.

The appeal must be submitted to the unemployment fund within 30 days of receipt of the decision. You are considered to have received the decision within seven days of it being mailed.

The appeal must be in writing and it must indicate the decision that you are appealing, the points of the decision that you are requesting should be changed, the changes sought and the grounds for the change. Please enclose the decision or a copy of if with your appeal.

Remember to sign the appeal. If you use a legal representative or proxy, they sign the appeal. If the proxy is not a lawyer or a general legal aid counsel, the appeal must be accompanied by a power of attorney signed by the appellant.