Kuvituskuva artikkeliin: Kuvassa taustalla todistusta ja päivärahaa kuvaavat symbolit ja niiden päällä liikennemerkkiympyrä, jonka sisällä on pienempi kuin merkki ja numero 18.

Age limit of earnings-related allowance raised to 18 years

The change came into effect on 1st of August. From now on, earnings-related allowance can be be paid to 17-year-olds only in certain conditions. 

Starting from 1 of August 2021, earnings-related allowance can be paid to a person that is 17 years old, if he/she has completed his/her compulsory education. Compulsory education can be deemed as complete, when the young person has finished comprehensive school on 1 of January 2021 at the latest and has finished vocational education or matriculation examination in high school.

However, the right to earnings-related allowance also requires working for about six months in a job, from which the unemployment insurance payments have been paid. Unemployment insurance payment is obligatory for those that are at least 17 years old. In about a year, from 1 of August 2022, unemployment insurance payments need only be paid from those that are at least 18 years old. Hence it is possible for 17-year-olds to accrue the employment condition for earnings-related allowance until then. After that the employment condition can be accrued not before than at the age of 18.

* The image depicts only changes in the age limit of earnings-related allowance. For detailed information on how to receive earnings-related allowance, go here.

Source: www.tyj.fi