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Improvements to eService – application can be sent on the last day of application period

eService of the Industrial Unemployment Fund has been improved in order to facilitate applying of earnings-related allowance. It is now possible to apply for the allowance already on the last day of the application period. If you are temporarily laid off, you can fill in the application quicker just by adding the lay-off days to the daily account. 

It is now faster to apply for daily allowance in the eService. You do not need to wait for the application period to end entirely as you can send the application already on the last day of the application period. For instance, if your application period is four weeks and the period ends on Sunday, you do not need to wait for Monday to fill in the application as you can do it already on Sunday.

In addition, in certain situations eService will offer possibility to fill in the application by marking only temporary lay-off days in the daily account. The eService will then automatically fill in the other days as working days and it is not necessary to fill in every day separately.

Remember to update your information in eService

You will speed up the processing and payment of the daily allowance when you keep your information up-to-date in the eService.

If you have not submitted your bank account number or if it has changed, remember to add or correct it so that we can pay the allowance to the right bank account. Please note that if you change the bank account number only in the Industrial Union’s eService, it will not automatically be changed in the unemployment fund’s eService.

You must log in to the unemployment fund’s eService via Suomi.fi registration. If you cannot log in to eService, it is possible that an error has occurred with the Suomi.fi registration. In this case, try to register to another service via Suomi.fi. If the registration to another service is not possible, a temporary break in Suomi.fi registration is the most likely reason.

We will notify of maintenance breaks in the eService on our website when they occur.

Tips to eService

If your information or situation has not changed since the last application, you can send an express application to the unemployment fund. In this case, you do not report anything else than the applicable period and send the express application only with a click of a button.

Did you know that you can take a picture of an attachment related to your application and send it to the unemployment fund via eService? As long as it is readable we will approve it. If you have trouble with sending the attachment, make sure that the attachment is in the right file format and the maximum file size is at most 10 MB.

Permitted file types of an attachment are jpg, jpeg, pdf and tiff. Most smart phones that use for instance iOS (e.g. iPhone X) and Android (e.g. Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei) operating systems convert the pictures automatically to jpg and jpeg file types. Please note that if you change only the ending of the file name, it will not convert the file format.

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