Unemployment fund introduces advance payment for earnings-related allowance

The members applying for the earnings-related allowance will receive an advance payment, if the processing of application has lengthened and it has not yet been taken into processing. Unemployment fund will decide whether advance will be paid. Payment will be withdrawn from the earnings-related allowance retroactively. The amount of the advance is EUR 33,66 per day. 

Due to coronavirus pandemic and vast amount of applications, the processing time of application has prolonged within the last month. The Industrial Unemployment Fund will start using an advance payment for earnings-related allowance, which will be paid to members even before the allowance application has been processed.

The amount of the advance payment is 33,66 euros per day (no taxes will be withdrawn) and it can be paid for maximum of five days per week. The advance can be paid, if the first application sent to the unemployment fund has not yet been taken into processing. Advance payment cannot be applied for separately. The unemployment fund will decide, whether it can be paid or not.

A member applying for earnings-related allowance must meet a set of conditions in order to receive the advance payment. For instance, the person must have been a member of the unemployment fund for at least the duration of employment condition (26 or 13 weeks), and the TE Office must have issued a statement confirming a successful registration as an unemployed job seeker to the unemployment fund.

Advance payment will be withdrawn from the earnings-related allowance that is paid afterwards. If it turns out during the processing of application that no entitlement to earnings-related allowance existed or advance has been paid in excess, the advance payment will be reclaimed.

No formal decision will be issued of the advance payment and it is not possible to make an appeal of it. An e-mail and a text message will be sent as a confirmation of the payment, if e-mail address and phone number have been updated to the eService. If you are applying for the earnings-related allowance, always remember to keep your contact details up-to-date in the eService.