Payments of earnings-related allowance will speed up

The Industrial Unemployment Fund will speed up the payments of earnings-related allowances. In future, the allowance can be paid already the next weekday, when the application has been processed.

When the application for earnings-related allowance has been processed, the unemployment fund is able to pay the allowance already the next weekday. The change will be applied to first and follow-up applications of earnings-related allowance.

Earlier it has been technically possible to pay allowances after 2-3 weekdays, when the application had been processed. Now it can be done in 1-2 weekdays.

Please note, however, that the allowance cannot be paid during weekends or midweek holidays. For instance, if your application has been processed on Friday, you will receive the allowance on your bank account on Monday at the earliest.

Alternation compensation and mobility allowance will be paid once a week on Wednesdays as before.

You can receive notifications of payments and payment dates to your phone. Just log in to eService, go to Settings and order SMS payment notifications.