Progress in transferring unemployment security related tasks from TE Offices to unemployment funds 

There are plans to transfer some of the current unemployment security related tasks of TE Offices to the payers of unemployment benefit, i.e. the Social Insurance Institution Kela and the unemployment funds. The objective is to facilitate the applying for unemployment benefits and to allow TE Offices to focus on providing employment services and supporting jobseekers’ access to employment. 

A draft government proposal by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment regarding the transfer has currently been sent on comments.  

If the proposal is accepted, the legislative amendments are to come into force on 1 of April 2021. According to the proposal, the unemployment funds and Kela would determine whether the person qualifies as unemployed, and whether business activity, self-employment and studies affect the person’s entitlement to unemployment benefit. 

Meanwhile, the TE Offices would continue to determine whether the person qualifies as a jobseeker registered with a TE Office and looking for full-time work. In addition, the TE Office would decide on possible sanctions, for granting unemployment benefit to support the jobseeker’s self-motivated studies, and for issuing a statement to confirm the jobseeker’s participation in employment promoting activities.  

Read more from the press release of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.