Job search must be valid during all temporary lay-off periods

Remember to keep your job search valid on every temporary lay-off period.

If the lay-offs are carried out as fixed-term and in non-consecutive periods, report each period separately to the TE Office’s online service.

If you already know the dates for upcoming lay-off periods, report each of them at once in TE Office’s online service. When you report multiple periods, the job search will be valid until the end of last lay-off period.

If you do not know when the lay-off period will end, the job search can be determined valid until further notice. In this case, however, remember to report to the TE Office when the lay-off period has ended.

When we send a decision of the payment to you, we will enclose a copy of the TE Office’s statement. You can review the lay-off period that you reported to the TE Office from the statement. Please remember to report new lay-off periods to the TE Office, if you receive new notice of a temporary lay-off.

Self-liability period can only be set and daily allowance paid only for periods when you have registered yourself as an unemployed job seeker. Job search cannot be activated retrospectively.

It is required, almost without exceptions, that you are seeking for a full-time work as well even though you would be only temporarily laid off. This cannot be fixed retrospectively either, so it is highly recommended to fill in the registration form carefully.