Have you worked in Britain? Brexit may affect your unemployment security

Members of an unemployment fund can face difficulties, if the United Kingdom will exit the European Union without a deal. Causes for concern can result to those members, who work or have worked in the UK.

Withdrawal of the UK from the EU, so-called Brexit, can cause difficulties with membership in the unemployment fund as well as with unemployment security. If Brexit without a deal materialises, it can affect members of the unemployment fund who work or have worked in the UK. Citizens of the United Kingdom that are living in Finland and are also members of an unemployment fund may need to reckon with difficulties with residence permits.

For instance, the possibility to join an unemployment fund when moving from UK to Finland may change. The job seekers in the UK receiving unemployment benefit from Finland must prepare themselves for possible complications in the entitlement to daily allowance. It is possible that the work done in the UK does not accrue the employment condition after Brexit. It is likely that the situation of the posted workers to and from the UK can change as well.

Long-term goal of the EU has been to integrate differences between social security systems. Measures to facilitate insuring oneself against unemployment have been undertaken in order to facilitate the free movement of work and workers within the EU/EEA zone. However, the integration of social security systems only applies to EU/EEA countries. If the Brexit without a deal materialises, the UK will become a so-called third country also from the context of Finnish Unemployment Security Act.

UK was destined to leave the EU on 29 March 2019, but Brexit was postponed to a later date.