The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions – SAK – presents a full renovation of the unemployment security

SAK has proposed an overall renewal of the unemployment security and the services provided for the unemployed. They have presented their own proposal of an encouraging unemployment security, within which the unemployment security is observed in totality, not only by repairing bits here and there, as SAK consider has been done during this government´s term of office. As a concrete suggestion SAK presents that inspection of working hours could be given up when considering meeting the employment condition as well as meeting the conditions for adjusted earnings-related allowance. This proposal would decrease essentially the amount of evidence and attachments now required of applicants, and would enable the effective use of the national income register that will become available for trade union funds from the beginning of next year. SAK also suggests giving up the five-day personal liability period as well as essentially moderating the fixed periods of terminated benefits that can occur do to neglect in jobseekers responsibilities. In addition SAK proposes improvements to unemployment security for persons working alternately as employed as well as entrepreneurs.

Read more about SAK´s proposal in Finnish here.